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Are You Happy?

 — a question posed to a group of Western Australians with ages ranging from 19 to 85 and from very different cultural, ethnic and biographical backgrounds. What are their views of pursuing happiness in an industrialized, globalised world?
As society transfers more and more responsibility onto  the individual, it often seems that individuals are solely responsible for their successes and failures. As such, personal sacrifice for the sake of collectively held values is now rarely a high priority. And the quest for happiness often seems to be undertaken in a strictly personal manner.


Andrew Beck, Lianne Elliffe, Angel Hayward, Alexander McDonell, Noel Nannup, Tlalit Orr, Christian Tittel, Tony Windberg and Bo Wong.

Australia/Germany 2013, 57 min.
Kevin MacLeod, Scott Johnson/Erik Satie, Tom Heithoff


Nowadays' Anxieties. A digression by Lianne Elliffe